Friday, February 10, 2012

Taking pictures of beads

Glazed cherry red, turqoise raku, unglazed black and glazed black  beads
Bead set with porcelain heart pendant and 6 glazed beads

I was taking pictures of beads this morning....and realised that I need to invest in a new camera.  Maybe a photography course is a better idea.  Okay, before I sell the camera for a pittance I'll sign up for a photography course.  It's tricky taking pictures of beads, especially when they're glazed and there's so much light  bouncing around.  Deciding what will work as a background took me hours!  Eventually I settled on my favourite fabric - shwe shwe - the grand old lady of South African fabrics.  First I took pictures on blue and white shwe shwe fabric which was overpowering the beads.  I then made several black and white photocopies of the fabric and used this version as a background.  What do you think of my choice of background?  Please comment below. Thanks!

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