Monday, April 23, 2012

All Sorts and the Monday blues

I can't remember when last I had a blue Monday such as this one... As I walked into the kitchen this morning for my wake up coffee fix, drops of water fell on my head from the ceiling and then I saw that the kitchen floor was covered in water.  A rude wake up call!  The geyser 'burst' and a plumber spent the whole morning removing the old geyser and replacing it with a brand new one.

While he was busy with the geyser I went to the studio to find that the kiln was still as cold as I left it yesterday afternoon.  I was expecting to take out freshly 'baked', bright and shiny beads this morning which I was going to make up into bracelets for a client in Germany.  Not only did I have to make use of the services of a plumber today but also of an electrician.  The costs for all of this, is almost as much as a ticket to Europe!  Being an avid traveller, this was the first thought that came into my mind when I got their bills.

Whilst they were busy fixing my geyser and kiln, I worked on these new necklaces which really did brighten  up my day.  They are one-of-kind and cannot be repeated.  I think they are going to be as much fun to wear as it is making them.  They remind me of All Sorts Liquorice sweets and thats what we'll be naming them.

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