Saturday, May 19, 2012

Autumn colours

I'm a visual person.  I'm a sucker for advertisements with stunning pictures.  Beautiful images give me energy, it inspires me to try new things, to improve on what I'm doing, to try harder.  Maybe that's the reason why I spend so many hours on Pinterest.  A whole new world opened when I discovered Pinterest...I couldn't believe  that there were so many beautiful, interesting 'things' out there.  And I was also surprised to find that there are so many  people out there who share my 'likes'.  A whole new world  -  and I thought I have seen it all before!!!

It's autumn in my part of the world and the landscape has changed drastically the past few weeks.  The trees are shedding their leaves and the vineyards near my house are changing colour.  I love autumn and the many shades of green, yellow and brown in the landscape.  Here are a few pictures I took yesterday afternoon - enjoy!

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  1. Oh my, its so beautiful and make me think back of the awesome short holiday we had in Wellington (South Africa) in December. You are soooo blessed to live in such a beautiful place.