Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raku Monday

Yesterday was all fire and smoke, so much so that I had to leave all doors and windows open until late to get rid of smokey smells!  As is always so with a raku firing, the results are unexpected and often disappointing.  Today's firing was a success and I'm very pleased with the results.   Not exactly the shade I expected, but even better.  I made these discs to use in a necklace inspired by a Donna Karan piece.

Ceramic discs pre bisque firing (made with cookie cutters from antique shop)

Raku discs in sawdust - a few vine leaves found their way into the sawdust bin!

Raku discs post raku firing - I love the dark green colour!

Very happy with this donut pendant.

As soon as I've had time to make the necklace, I will post pictures.  Now its off to the studio to prepare for this evening's pottery class.


  1. You have been very busy! I, too, love the dark green discs... I hope you will consider making some of your raku discs available for sale as components at your Etsy shop.

  2. Yes, I'm going to as soon as I've cleaned them - they're on my list of to do's for this week...