Monday, July 23, 2012

What does your studio look like?

I was pinning away this morning and stumbled upon some great pins of interesting studio/workshop spaces.
wow.   artist Francis Bacon in his studio
Artist Francis Bacon in his studio

Some studios are neatly organized and uncluttered and others are filled to the ceiling and not so organized....  Both are fine as long as the occupant of that space is happy and creative.  Mine is more on the chaotic side of the scale and its a HAPPY space.  When I'm spending too much valuable minutes searching for tools, I know its time to tidy up!

 I like to be surrounded by lots of colour and interesting bits and pieces - anything that makes my creative juices flow.  One wall of my studio is covered with a mood board which I change regularly.  This is an important tool in my work process.  

I'd say my studio is a happy and creative space where I can be myself and be creative.

What does your studio look like?

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