Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winter colour palette

We visited my favourite winter destination last week - the Eastern Free State and  Central Drakensberg .  Winter in this area is very different from what we have at home – the days are crisp and dry with blue skies.  The landscape is a wonder world of colours ranging from deep orange to brown and every shade of yellow in between.   Winter at home is non stop rain and dark grey skies for days on end and the landscape is covered in shades of green.  

Every shade of brown, yellow and everything in between

The golden yellow tones of the Free State landscape reminded me of our first beads which were unglazed terracotta and stoneware.  They had a very earthy look and feel about them - a bit on the rough side.  We were very inexperienced then and it showed....but I still love them as they are so very, very honest.

Unglazed terracotta beads are still my favourite.

I enjoyed our walks in the Drakensberg  and a guided walk to a cave with Bushmen paintings was very special.  The paintings were done approximately 2 200 years ago and is still very clear.  The guide explained the process and the meaning of the images to us.  I have lots of respect for these artists who made art mixing oxblood and plant roots.   I am inspired to make beads and pendants based on this - my own version of their unique cave paintings.  
Bushmen cave paintings.


  1. Beautiful surroundings and equally beautiful terracotta beads.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics, Desiree! I had not previously seen these lovely cave paintings. I guess it is a common theme in many different parts of the world. It would be a wonderful idea to produce pendants inspired by this tableau... that is a popular motif right now.