Sunday, September 30, 2012

From concept to product

I am busy making stock for Kamers, a high end Craft & Decor Expo taking place at Lourensford, Somerset West  from 21 - 27 October.  My stand will be all about arty, handmade, decorative pottery and (of course) Earthbutter Beads.  I've had so much fun putting a concept together, trying it out in clay and experimenting with glaze colours.  The 'look' I have in my head is 'Bohemian'  - lots of colour, spontaneous expressive clay works with a touch of old style glamour.  Think Frida Kahlo - I love the way she dressed, the beautiful deep reds, embroidered shawls, hair pieces and exquisite jewellery.   I usually look to my immediate surroundings for inspiration and  did so again when I made these plates for Kamers:
Fever Tree (Koorsboom) outside the studio - beautiful deep, dark red
Baby Dove in a tree outside my studio 
 Decorative plate with bird painted with glazes and ready to go into kiln for 2nd firing

Plates too warm to remove from kiln but I just couldn't wait and am very pleased with the results!
Inspiration to many and also to me.

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