Thursday, May 16, 2013

Foggy mind, foggy morning

When I drove to the studio this morning, the landscape was covered with a thick sea of fog.  
 Two doves on a power line caught my eye and they looked a little bit lost - much like I felt!
 I also noticed this old Mercedes Benz and was wondering if its going to take
                         a bride to church this coming weekend?
 The church tower almost disappeared in the mist.
 I wasn't feeling very upbeat when I got to the studio - absorbed in thoughts and in a pensive mood.

 I made this ceramic mask years ago. I love the serene expression on her face.
There's nothing like work to make me feel better!  I decided to start the day painting raku glaze on these textured cabochons.  I have no idea how they will turn out as each raku firing is a surprise 
(that's the reason why I love raku so much).

I'll be very pleased if they turn out like these.  The cabochons and beads are fired to red hot temperature whereafter they're reduced in sawdust.  As the sawdust begins to burn, the fire reacts with the copper glaze, producing vivid lustrous greens, blues & black.

With love from (not so sunny today) South Africa,

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