Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday Madness

Energised after a weekend at the coast in glorious sunny weather, I returned to the studio Monday morning determined to work on the potters wheel after a full year of not doing wheel work.

Although I'm a little bit rusty on the wheel and its not my preferred pottery making method, I managed to make some cake stand pedestals.  It is quiet on the bead making side of my pottery business and I have to admit that I'm actually enjoying a break from glazing hundreds of beads (for now!).

Of course I could not end the day in the studio without doing a quick raku firing. 
 Remember the cabochons and beads I showed you in my previous post? 
Here they are in my baby kiln after having been fired to 1 000 degrees Celsius.

After firing, the beads are removed from the kiln and goes into this old paint drum which is filled with sawdust.  I leave the beads in the drum for at least an hour and then remove them with gloves and tongs as they're still very hot.  I take the beads out slowly one by one - enjoying the small works of art which started out as wet lumps of mud.  Oh, how I love my job - I am blessed beyond words.  Do enjoy a fabulous week wherever you are.  Desiree x

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