Sunday, March 16, 2014

Post Paris exhibition - done and dusted!

It was a beautiful mild summer's day and lots of people turned up for the opening of the exhibition.  My family and friends were there and many people I didn't even know.  The gallery owner did a wonderful job in curating the exhibition.  The necklaces were hanging from the ceiling on recycled cardboard cut outs and the rings were displayed on a table covered with copies of maps of Paris.  My conversation art jewellery piece was displayed on a mannequin painted with black school board paint.  I enjoyed watching people figuring out what this piece was all about!
Each piece has a story to tell of my Paris sojourn, a pottery shard picked up in
 a Paris cemetry, beads from d'Alligre market and more.

Oxidised and patinated sterling silver earrings

Cluster necklace in sterling silver and copper

This necklace was inspired by the dry twigs and brown autumn leaves on
the pavements next to the Seine River.  Sterling silver and copper.

Oxidised sterling silver and copper earrings.

The exhibition of paintings by my friend Fanie Marais (who also stayed at the Cite in Paris)
and my jewellery.
So that is my Post Paris exhibition - done and dusted!  Now its back to the drawing board to design and make more jewellery and of course we have been making Earth Butter Ceramic beads throughout this busy time.

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  1. Wow! That necklace! I see you do much more than create delicious ceramic beads.